Richard Flamm

California Legal Ethics Expert


Consulting and Expert Witness Testimony

These days Mr. Flamm’s time is divided, more or less evenly, between the labor-intensive task of researching and writing the annual supplements for each of his three nationwide treatises, and serving as either a consultant to or expert witness for law firms on matters of legal or judicial ethics. In most instances in which Mr. Flamm has been asked to opine, the retention pertains to a motion to disqualify an attorney, law firm, judge, or other participant in a pending legal proceedings. In some cases, however, Mr. Flamm has been asked to address other areas of legal ethics, or to serve as an expert witness in a legal malpractice case. For inquiries regarding a possible retention, please contact Mr. Flamm directly at

Speaking Engagements

In the past Mr. Flamm frequently participated in CLE programs on conflicts of interest and disqualification. To watch an online video by Mr. Flamm click here. Due to family commitments, as well as the press of work on other matters, Mr. Flamm has limited his participation in CLE seminars to one or two per year. For inquiries regarding a possible speaking engagement by Mr. Flamm please contact directly at